New Look Website (and hosting)

After being on Squarespace for my website hosting for the last year, I felt it was time for a change. So after completing some learning challenges, I have now moved my website to WIX.

Birch trees and sky in black and white

So why did I move?

Don't get me wrong, Squarespace is a great website hosting solution, it is modern looking, fast and really easy to use; however there was one thing I really didn't like...

The way I display my work is using Galleries, Places and Favourites, so work can be in one or more of these collections. With Squarespace, I have to load the images into multiple "image galleries" and adjust the information for each image multiple times. Changing one image, means potentially changing it in three different places.

With WIX, they expose their Content Management System (CMS) to the website tool. This means I can add images in one place, and use these images in multiple places. Much easier and quicker to make updates to the site. Also, with a Year-1 discount from WIX I saved 50% of the renewal price Squarespace were charging.

One big downside with moving, is I have lost all the comments left by visitors whilst I was using Squarespace - so I apologise if you find your comments have gone.

So far, I am very happy with what WIX offer. But as I like change, and value for money, who knows what I will be using :-)

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